Labels & Accessories

We offer a full range of haberdashery accessories that add prestige and individuality to personalized projects.


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Jacquard labels

Jacquard labels are the most frequently used labels in clothing production. They are perfect for placing high quality graphics and logotypes on them. They are also durable and do not get damaged even during long-lasting use.
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Metki satynowe drukowane

Printed satin labels

Screen printed label


Accessories and add-ons


Cardboard labels (hangtags)

We produce cardboard labels with logos attached with a string that is hung under the tag or a line attached directly to the garment.

Labels are a good and inexpensive way to distinguish and diversify clothing. We make tags with a string on various types of paper, including natural “eco”, in an individual shape according to the die-cut.

Rubber patches - elastometers

Elastomer patches are created from PVC, so there is the ability to apply multiple layers of color and achieve three-dimensionality. Elastomers are durable and water resistant.

Ready patches are sewn onto clothing or attached with a special glue. In addition to standard patches, we also offer rubber patches with a fluorescent effect and patches that glow in the dark.

Embroidered patches

We own one of the best embroidery machines in the world – Barudan Tajima. Thanks to good technological facilities, we can make the most difficult designs such as coats of arms, thin elements, 3D patterns.

The standard surface for embroidered patches is felt in a wide range of colors or denim.

Most often we make embroidered patches on caps, shirts, sweatshirts, as well as workwear.



A haberdashery item for hoodies or pants. Round and flat laces are available in many colors and patterns.

Possible realization to individual order.

Woven rubber with decoration

It is produced as an additional element to the garment to highlight personalization.

Any decoration is applied by sublimation according to the customer’s design.

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Zipper pulls

Pendants for zippers of jackets, sweatshirts or bags, which are not only attractive but also very practical and comfortable. The pendant can be made according to individual project with company’s logo.